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Thames Valley Silent Flyers are a glider club, including electric powered gliders (although many of our members participate in other types of model aviation) We fly thermal at our field at Warfield in Bracknell U.K. and slope soar at a number of sites in the Kingsclere and Marlborough areas. 

Field & Safe Flying

Big Barn is CLOSED to us whilst in "lock down"

TVSF Safety Bulletin – August 2020.
When flying at Big Barn/West Coates DO NOT fly close to, over or land in the No Fly Zone to the north.
(ref guidance and map is in the TVSF Handbook which is available on the TVSF Website, this is accessed on the web site under, 
1 - The Club, (on the home page, along the top of the page.)
2 - Then “Useful Information”
3 - then scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see an image of the HandBook,
4 - click on the image, which will open the handbook.
5 - the map of the no fly zone is on page 24 or section 4.1.1
 Be aware that when the wind is from a southerly direction and potentially causing turbulence over the trees your model could be blown near to the No Fly Zone when following a thermal downwind.
Contest Directors please brief contestants.
Safety Officer – Roger Stacey

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Tue 1st - AGM Club night via Zoom

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  • Tues 3rd - Zoom club night and virtual "bring and buy"


  • Tues 13th - Club night Via Zoom
  • Sat 3rd - Travel home for the visitors to Cim Farm in Wales
    Colin has published a nice record of a very active week


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