Results for MGL after 5 events 2019

Results for Thermal League 2019

Results for Esoaring League 2019

Indoor Chuckie held February 2019

Results in order - Distance, Duration and then the combined overall totals

ESML 6 - 11.7.2018 - Final round

from Peter....

Only three were able to attend today but after some discussion we decided to continue with round 6 anyway. This resulted in flying individually and rather reduced the fun. It was an all Ava day.

As the results show there were some big thermals but very wide areas of sink resulting in times as low as 4 minutes. Barry had the highest flight of the day and tested our eye sight. Colin managed to work the air to get 3 good flights and was the clear winner.

Colin won the league with a score of 3893% which included 3 x 1000 scores, Peter was second with 3788% and Barry third with 3471%.

Well done Colin.

This year must mark a record in that we flew all of the scheduled days without any bad weather or access problems. I don’t think that has happened before.

Results... overall league at the top and each round in order

ESML 5  - 4.7.2018

This turned out to be an all AVA day, three Hyper AVAs and one original AVA. Peter Williams had to call an attempt due to accidently flipping the brake switch at the start of his first flight climb which resulted in a crash on to the Barn roof. Retrieved by Colin using an improvised ladder and two poles. Repairable damage sustained by the AVA.

Really large thermals at times and some that seemed rather narrow and difficult and of course the associated downs.

Barry excelled by avoiding all the downs to achieve a resounding win.

ESML 4 - 27.6.2018

Peter's update - Breezier than usual with no clouds. Thermals kept disappearing. Landings were compromised due to underestimating the wind and sink.

ESML 3 - 20.6.2018

Peter's update
The breeze steadily increased but there was some good thermal activity as well as a lot of sink. Roger and Barry had an unfortunate mid-air. Barry’s damaged Pike was not too bad so he was able to continue but Roger’s Stork needs some serious repair and cost him a zero last flight score.

Colin excelled again with a convincing win.

EMSL 2 - 13.6.2018 (Electric Midweek Soaring League) has now completed the 2nd event and here are the results so far

CD Peter said... 
Another pleasant electric soaring comp. with some big thermals and the associated significant sink. Started as AVA conditions and then switched to Pike weather.
Colin joined us this time and demonstrated that he has not forgotten how to do it with a clear win.
Graham was not able to be there at the start and unfortunately missed the best conditions. 

ESML 1 - 6.6.2018

First round of the Electric League. Very pleasant evening with some nice air. Considering the long layoff a good result with close scores.



The TVSF eSoaring contest was held Sunday 10th June..
11 participants included visitors from ASF and MVSA who made it an enjoyable comp, oh, the nice weather helped as well!
Graham James did a great job organising and CD'ing the event

The flight line at the start of a slot



The Indoor Chuckie held on the February Club Night