Results for the 2020 season

The eSoaring League

We have now completed 4 rounds CD'd by Peter Williams and  the moment these are the standings..

Colin leads with 3889 after winning 3 with Roger in 2nd at 3314.

Indoor Chuckie 2020

Article by Roger Stacey 
After spending 1 hour building a glider from a 36 x 3 sheet of balsa the 10 contestants models were tested in two disciplines.
The first was distance over a marked course (10 attempts, 5 to count) and after 15 minutes allowed for re-trimming, duration timed to a tenth of a second and as before 10 attempts 5 to count.

After the duration event the top 5 were Trevor Hornby 100%, Colin Hutchinson 98%, John Price 91%. Peter Wood 86% and Peter Williams 83%.

As in previous years the duration part of the contest proved a more difficult challenge for the contestants and it produced a big change in the top 5.
After adding the 2 percentages together to give a score out of 200 the winners were Colin Hutchinson 198, Peter Williams 168, Barry Hood 161.
Trevor Hornby 160 and Peter Wood 146.


The 2019 Season

Results for MGL after 5 events 2019

Results for Thermal League 2019

Results for Esoaring League 2019

Indoor Chuckie held February 2019

Results in order - Distance, Duration and then the combined overall totals