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TVSF PicaSim Challenge

As we come out of lockdown and wait for Big Barn and the slopes to become available, who’s anxious to get some stick time?

As you’ll know some of us were due to go on our annual spring visit to Cim Farm a couple of weeks back. In the event we had a great virtual week, making use of Whatsapp, Zoom and flying Picasim challenges. PicaSim is an excellent FREE simulator available to download at http://www.rowlhouse.co.uk/PicaSim/download.html.  It’s very realistic and you can fly slope, DLG  and even indoor from the comfort of your computer room.

Due to continued social distancing rules, we are unlikely to be running any competitions in the near future, so I thought it might be a nice idea to run a fun league,  based around the  preset challenges of PicaSim, one per week, fly as many times as you like and send me a screen grab of your best flight to count. We’ll fly 6 challenges: Notos DLG, Weasel Limbo, Cliff Race Banana, Cross Country Discus, Mountain Race Plank, Spirit 2.6 Race, best 4 scores to count, so you’ve got scope not to fly a discipline you don’t like, or miss a week should you wish.

To give you a chance to practice and for those who haven’t got their transmitter set up to their computer a chance to do so, we’ll start on 30th May and run for the next six weeks.

We’ll run the events in the order above but I’ll call each event on the Saturday as the start. You email me your score by 6pm on the Friday of each week.

If you have any problems setting up your sim, let me know and I’ll advise, or put you in touch with someone more tech savvy than I and we should be able to sort it out.

Have Fun,

Graham J