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    Trevor Hornby

    Big Barn is now available for use subject to the rules agreed and published by the committee through Steve


    Trevor Hornby

    Email from Steve


    Hi Everybody
    You will be pleased to hear that the farmer has cut and bailed the grass on Big Barn, and is now back in full use, Little Coates is still uncut, so please keep off of it.

    My following email lays out the club rules for using the field, whilst under the legislation from the government regarding the current Covid 19 pandemic.

    Enjoy your flying, but remember to stay safe and use your common sense when touching things to minimise the spread of the virus.

    Regards Steve
    (Sent from my ipad)


    Trevor Hornby

    Dear Member,

    As you are aware, the changes in lockdown status have come into force,  which means that with restriction, model flying is possible again. You have probably seen the emails from the BMFA regarding recommendations for resumption of flying, and as an affiliated club we will adopt those recommendations along with a few additional notes regarding our site.

    Note that we have spoken with the landowner and he is OK for us to start using the field again, although we must take care not to add any risk to him, his family or other farm workers.

    The BMFA have been very clear – in this situation flying is NOT a social activity, you turn up, you fly, you go home. You must not arrange to meet people at the field.

    Whether you decide to go flying at this stage will have to remain a personal decision, but please consider the following:

    ·         The vast majority of deaths following infection with Covid 19 have occurred in people over the age of 60.  If you are aged over 60, you should think very carefully before you expose yourself to any increased risk of contracting this illness.

    Anyone with any underlying health condition should NOT expose themselves to additional risk and should not go to the field.
    If you decide that the increased risk is acceptable, you can resume flying, but you must comply with all the recommendations in the BMFA statement, PLUS the following:

    General equipment, i.e. First Aid box and model retrieving rod, should be treated as contaminated and sanitiser or latex gloves should always be used before handling. Always try and park in the field, parking 2metres apart, if the trailer is not blocking the gate, the farmer has made suggestions that he will be keeping the entrance clear for us to enter, but this could change, use your common sense. He has also recommended that once in the field, we lock the gate behind us to deter passerby’s from entering the field.

    The Peg board will not be used – there are only a few 35MHz users and we do not expect many people to be at the site at one time. 35MHz users must ensure they verbally (and whilst observing social distancing) verify that they are free to use their desired channel.

    TVSF recommendations (temporary TVSF rules)

    Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines ensuring the minimum 2 metre (and preferably greater) separation from other people (unless from the same household) is always maintained.
    Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after opening/unlocking and closing/locking access gates and padlocks
    Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after using any club site maintenance equipment.
    No sharing of model flying equipment and aircraft (apart from by those sharing a household).
    Unless both instructor and pupil share the same household, if an individual has not yet reached a “safe solo” competence and still requires supervision, a buddy system must be employed, preferably wireless and with the instructor and student using their own equipment.  If a wired system is used it must allow the instructor to maintain a minimum 2m separation from the student and appropriate sanitation measures should be taken when handling the buddy lead.
    Hand sanitiser and latex gloves should be considered an essential item in every model aircraft flyer’s flight box.
    Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, are not to go to the field, but stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice and guidelines.

    Stay safe!

    Regards Steve and Committee(Sent from my ipad)

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