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    Trevor Hornby

    ALL SOLD now.. The last batch of Chris Moynihan’s substantial quality stuff is going to be auctioned on Tuesday 5th March at Club night.

    Here is a preview of the bulk of what will be there. We are intentionally not releasing anything for sale before hand so everyone gets a fair shot.

    What’s going up… all models are RTF and all are kitted out with JR receivers (as far as I can ascertain).
    Auction will start about 20:30

    Phase 5 (SOLD)
    Alpina (SOLD)
    Pulsar e 3.6 & 3.2 (SOLD)
    ASK 14 & 14e (SOLD)
    SB 5e (SOLD)
    Whisper 2m (SOLD)

    Antares Kit – Multi-task (SOLD)
    BE2e short kit (SOLD)

    Arco Wot – Foam e (SOLD)
    SE5 electric (SOLD)
    Blade MCX helicopter (SOLD)

    Vibro bench saw





    Trevor Hornby

    In addition to the above models there are 2 good transmitters..

    A  JR PCM 9XII (35meg module)  and a JR XG8 (SOLD) 2.4 DMSS

    Note the first TX is complete with Chris’s patented thermal finder


    Trevor Hornby

    A chap called Steve Saunders is looking to find homes for these models on behalf of his brother who flew at Inkpen Beacon. Please ask club members to contact a committee member or myself for contact details to arranging viewing etc. Steve is based in the Thatcham area. Thank you.

    You should all get the email from Steve Elkin












Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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