Thames Valley Silent Flyers are a glider club, including electric powered gliders (although many of our members participate in other types of model aviation) We fly thermal at our field at Warfield in Bracknell U.K. and slope soar at a number of sites in the Kingsclere and Marlborough areas. Some members fly thermal only but many of us fly both thermal and slope. Slope flying covers all types of machine; large scale, PSS, aerobatic, F3F, cross country and general sport flying. We also participate in many aero-towing events.

We have a full contest calendar, both thermal and slope, normally on a Sunday but we have a low-key Friday evening thermal and electric soaring contest on 12 evenings through the summer. If you are not contest minded there is plenty of sport flying, usually on Sunday but the field can be used 7 days a week by those who have sufficient leisure! At our monthly meetings we have a number of presentations by club members or visiting speakers, all in all we think we have an active and interesting club and welcome new members to come along and see what they think of us.

We have occasional 'Days Out' on a weekday when we visit a more distant slope site for a change of scenery, and twice a year we organise 'mini holidays' of 5-7 days duration, where we can accommodate up to about 8 members in either Devon or North Wales, where we fly on coastal sites over the sea which is great fun.

Membership entitles you to the use of our field, issues of our club newsletter 'LIFT' and attendance at our monthly meetings which are held at the Binfield Social Club near Bracknell on the first Tuesday of the month..

The T.V.S.F is a B.M.F.A. affiliated club therefore all club members must be members of the B.M.F.A.
T.V.S.F. subscription is currently £37.00 plus £33.00 for B.M.F.A (from 2016). membership (unless paid directly or through another club) and there is an initial joining fee of £20. However, junior members are expected to pay only £17.00 or family junior £13 (the cost of B.M.F.A. membership). Membership runs from January 1st each year.

If you are interested in joining the Thames Valley Silent Flyers, one of the South of England's premier model glider clubs or would like to know more about us, please E-mail the membership secretary by clicking on the link on the committee page.

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