Associations and key areas 
  BMFA·UK Governing Body for model Flying 
  BMFA Southern Region 
  BARCS·UK Model Gliding Association  
  BEFA·UK Electric Flight Association 
  Great Britain Slope Racing Association 
  Power Scale Soaring Association.PSSA
  Large Model Association 
  National Trust 
Weather and Wind forecast 
  glidemetFull size gliding forecasts for the next few days
  Hang/Para gliding weather collection 
  magicseaweedCoastal wind reports
  metcheck - Kingsclere 
  meteorologica weather superstore 
  metofficeUK forecast fronts (Surface pressure chart): 12 hr intevals
  metoffice - Kingsclerethen select a town from the list for local 5 day forecast
  myweather.comBriliant - Configure to personal hour by hour forecast map
  myweather2 - KingsclereConfigure the town and then the future day tab.
  rain todayJust zoom in, it gives the next 3 hours
  skylinkweather - TadleyConfigurable for location - gives hour by hour forecast
  weatherjackhas many links used by Paragliders
  windfinder on google mapcurrent wind fcst mapped by weather station
  windfinder.com5 day fcst starts with Farnborough
  Windyty.comGreat wind map website
  xcweather - kingsclereConfigure the nearest town for 5 day graphic forecast
  xcweather - UK wind MapUK Wind map
  Als Hobbies 
  BRC HobbiesElectric Flight stuff
  Component Shopbatteries and leads etc.
  eSoaringGadgetsBernie Jones provides bits for eSoaring
  Flying Wings 
  Giant Shark (formerly Cod) 
  Inwood Models 
  J Perkins 
  Mick Charles Models 
  Model fixings 
  Modelmaniacs OnlineCommercial gliders etc
  overlanderBatteries and electrics
  Phoenix Model Products 
  RipmaxTrade suppliers Models and accessories
  Robot Birds 
  Servo Shop - Steve WebbServos
  Slough Radio Control Models 
  Sussex Model Centre 
  Vapex techBatteries
  West London Models 
Gliding Suppliers 
  AcemodelsPerformance gliders, Xplorer, shadow, Alex…
  Airtech-RCF3X Gliders.. Supra, Maxa, Blaster 3 etc, etc French
  andyschafer scale-glider-decalsScale glider decals
  bucks compositesGlass/Carbon repair tools and composite stuff (was Fibretech GB)
  Chris Foss DesignsPhase 6, Phase 5 
  F3J (Samba Models)Home of the Pike
  F3XWide range Composite Gliders
  FlightechUK supplies of a few models incl. Optimus (CN Models)
  free flight suppliesFree flight materials
  Glider DistributionGliders, radios· and spares
  Glider ManiaPhil Hoegger imports large scale models and Thermic XXL and ESO
  HyperflightPerformance gliders
  Island ModelsScale Glider Plan packs/short kits
  KitesupCarbon tube and rod + more near Basingstoke
  Puffin ModelsGliders and electrics
  Pull-Over-productsquality Wing Bags from Germany
  RC Metal BitzMetal links , horns, ballast etc..
  rc-tronics-topp-rippinLarge range of Scale Gliders and Power
  Slope RacerGood value slope models, Exantipa
  South Coast SailplanesX-Models, Voltij, Alliaj, etc
  T9hobbysportGliders and 60" racers (including Pike perfect)
  ValentaCzech gliders e.g. Dragon, Thermic XL
  ZsystemeSome foamies.. Wings and gliders .. French
Manufacturers sites 
  aeromod.euVoltij, Alliaj .. French
  Airworld.demoulded Scale Sailplanes
  AR FlugmodelleGerman models including Scale
  Balsa CabinSupplies: Timber, carbon, Tubing, depron, some models, etc..
  Baudis modelCeres, Banana + several scale models
  BLH AndorraFrench, built-up, high quality, lazer cut, glider kits
  Blue AirlinesLarge composite· soarers
  BretaModelNyx, Tanga
  cn-modelsOptimus (F3J F5J) manufacturer Ukraine
  Dream-flightAlula, Weasle
  F3B.czStratos, Vampire,..
  F3J.czEraser, Faser, Aspire, Victor..
  F5ModelsPulsar, Bingo
  Falcon AviationLaser Cutting kits from plans
  jitomX-21, Evolution
  John Stevens Models (No longer available)Eliminator's
  Lite Flite UKHome of Tracker and Hitch-Hiker
  MugiMugi (Free plans)
  Nan ModelsXperience Pro, Shadow, Xplorer
  North County Flying MachinesHP60, Halfpipe, M-60
  PariTechLarge Scale Gliders
  Pat Teakle GlidersScale Gliders:· Pat Teale models now by BillHosie
  Pull OverWing Bags
  ReichardElectric gliders and Scale
  roedel modellScale Gliders
  Samba ModelsPike's
  SASWildthing, Fusion, Venom - EPP Flying Wings.
  stealth plane worksSupra (Wings)
  Steve DrakeGulp's and GV59
  topmodelScale models (was hf-modell)
  TopModel czScale model manufacturer/supplier to the trade..
  tud-modelltechnikAspirin, SALpeter
  Valenta ModelsThermic XXXL and Scale
  Vladimir's ModelsAva's, Supra, Graphite, Blaster...
  YT InternationalLarge scale ARTF - Resonable prices
Where to Slope 
  Coombe Hill SA - other slopes 
  Phoenix West country slope guide 
  Slope Soaring sites - Westcountry/Midland 
  Slopehunter sites on Google maps 
  SlopleUK and international database of worldwide slope soaring sites + weather
  South Wales Soaring Association Slope Guide 
  UK Slope Soaring site Guidemaintained by Adrian Smith
  Weather Permittingwhere to slope soar - linked to weather - sign up and add favourites
  west Cornwall 
Slope Soaring or Gliding model Clubs/Associations 
  Clwyd Soaring Association 
  Coombe Hill Soaring Association Wendover, Buckinghamshire (Members only)
  Costwold SlopersGloucestershire
  Dartmoor Slope Soaring ClubDartmoor, Devon
  East Sussex Soaring AssociationEast Sussex
  Goodwind SoaringKent hill soaring Blog
  Invicta Model FlyersMid Kent - Silent Flight
  Ivinghoe Soaring Association 
  Leek and Moorland Model Gliding Association 
  lleyn MACNorth Wales Soaring· and annual PSSA event
  Long Mynd Soaring Association 
  Malvern Soaring Association 
  Marquis Model Flying ClubWeymouth Area
  Meon Valley Soaring Associationold site slopes and
  North Devon Slopers 
  North York Moors Ridge Soaring Club 
  Ribble Valley Model Soaring AssociationBurnley/Clitheroe area· (need to delete link after ".com" and it works)
  Sandhays Scale Gliding Association 
  Sheffield Society of Aeromodellers 
  Slope JunkiesDevizes area.. Blog.. average fliers... dont know a lot... Love fast gliders!!
  Slope Racing ScotlandFife area
  slope soaring sussex blogBlog for soars in Sussex - now forming a slight light club
  slope soaring in South Wales blogBlog for Soth Wales the A470 by Steve Hourton
  Soar Valley SoarersLeicester area (not currently available)
  South Cotswold Soaring AssociationGloucestershire Area
  South Midlands Soaring AssociationBanbury Area (Members only)
  South Wales Slopesoaring AdventuresSkipsoaring Blogspot
  South Wales Soaring Association 
  Thames Valley Scale Aerotow 
  Thames Valley Silent Flyers 
  Wessex Soaring Association 
  West Blackdown Model Gliding ClubSomerset/Devon border
  West Cornwall Slopers 
  West Mendip Soaring AssociationCrook Peak - near Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
  White Sheet Radio Flying ClubMere, Wiltshire
Aero Model Clubs with some Soaring 
  Chichester and District Model Aero Club 
  Christchurch and District Model Flying ClubBarton, Dorset
  Deeside Model Aircraft Club 
  East Devon Radio Control ClubEast Devon
  elmbridge mcother name - North Downs Soaring Association -fly Colley Hill
  Hornets MFCIsle of Wight
  Huddersfield and District Model Aircaft ClubHuddersfield Area
  Konkord Model Flying ClubNorth Devon
  Marsden Moor Soaring Association (incl' Rochdale) 
  Phil Model Flying Stroud 
  Redruth & District Model Flying ClubRedruth, Cornwall
  Tyldesley Model Flying Club 
  Wikipedia List_of_glidersFull size brief facts
  Wimborne Model Aero Club 
  Woodspring Wings MAC 
  Single channelVintage radio
  PicaSimFree download of Slope Soaring Simulator
Soaring/Hobby Info sites 
  bphobbiesOnline data sheets, speed controllers, motors, etc
  DG-FlugzeughauDG and LS Drawings (full size dimensions)
  F3J.dkHuge index of model gliders
  F3K UK 
  Fatlion extensive· list of DLG and Slope gliders with links
  Graham Woods web site 
  InterglideInformation dedicated to Interglide
  Nest Of DragonsDesigns and theory of odd flying machines and Wings
  noerskovDLG /F3K performance glider list
  ohms lawBasic Electrical theory Source
  Old gliding magsFull size magazines back to 1930
  Power Scale Soaring Association 
  PSS 3 view drawingPower 3 view drawings
  rc model reviewsModel and tech stuff: Reviews, How it works, etc
  rc-network.deHuge index of model gliders
  RC-SoarExtensive collection of soaring info
  Scale Soaring UK 
  servo databaseServo Technical Data
  slope aerobaticsBlog:· Includes ..Aerobatics Very Close to the Ground (VTPR in French)
  Slope FlyerUS source
  Vintage glider club 
Forum/blog Sites 
  eSoaring Net 
  F3B blogspotdialog for F3B
  F3F Welsh blog 
  High Alpha 
  RC Groups 
  RC Talk 
  F4BscaleFree Flight plans "Old" plans
  myhobbystoreVarious "Old" plans
  PSS OnlinePSS plans
  Swipnet.seFF Gliders from Sweden
  Traplet Plans 
  Calculation in excelC of G etc -- download the excel file (s)
  Centre of gravityC of G and wingloading
  cg-calculator - wingC of G for flying wings
  Radio South RCServo Torque Calc -· About 2/3 way down the front page "Click HERE to download a servo torque calculation program"
Other link sources 
  Alan's linksAlan Tong's long list (over 4000) of Modelling links links Mendip Soaring Association's links list of Glider related links Based.. Good source of links Clubs Links DLG model links (need to check in)
Classified - For Sale or Wanted 
  BMFA - Gliders 
  Ebay - glider 
  Scale Soaring